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A River Runs Through It

  • 9 September 2011

We recently visited Bloomfield.  It’s a small town in northwestern New Mexico on the San Juan River.  Allan is originally from Bloomfield.  A little upriver is Blanco.  A little farther upriver is Turley.  The farther you go up river, the smaller the towns get.

We made plans to visit Wines of the San Juan, a vineyard near Navajo Lake.  As we were about to turn into the winery, we remembered that Allan’s friend Jacob owned a gallery nearby.  It’s actually next to the winery.  We decided to stop by to see if Jacob was in.  What we figured would be an excusrsion of a couple hours turned into several…

We walked into the gallery, an old garage converted to a small shop filled with Native American art from floor to ceiling.  We browsed for a few minutes and were about to leave after signing the register when we saw someone walking from the house over to the gallery.  It was Jacob.

Once in a long while you meet someone that seems like a character out of a movie.  That is Jacob or Jake if you prefer.  Jacob told us about the work he had done to get the gallery going.  He told us about the artists and their pieces.  He told us about his fly fishing business.

The riverfront property has been in Jacob’s family for over 100 years.  It’s easy to understand the pride he has and why he works so hard in growing both businesses and renovating and maintaining the property.  It’s hard to convey the energy that Jacob brings, but I imagine his mind is always racing and he works from sun up to sun down as a farmer should.  Unless he stops to take a break at the vineyard.

One story led to another and we toured nearly every corner of the property.  We started in the garden and walked away with three bags full of fresh vegetables.

After the garden, we toured the 100 year old house.  It’s like something you might see in an architectural or decor magazine.  The two front sitting rooms are filled with Native American art, one Navajo and the other more Hopi.  There is a poker room for entertaining and the kitchen features the original Majestic stove, low to the ground because Jacob’s grandmother was short and one of the many antique pieces in his home.  The stove is such a centerpiece that it serves as the namesake for his fly fishing business, Majestic Enchantment.

A hidden door in the poker room leads to the upstairs annex.  A series of three rooms with low ceilings; the lime green room, the pirate room with its outside balcony and the bedroom.  The are storage nooks in all of the walls and another hidden door leads under the house.  You could spend a whole day exploring all of those nooks and crannies.  Or just sitting on the front porch or drifting through the yard.

Before we went on the next part of our tour, we met an adorable new addition to the area.  This is Lobo, Jacob’s puppy.  Rumor has it he is part wolf, and completely wonderful.

We hopped in the SUV and drove over the irrigation ditch, through the alfalfa fields to the river front.  We saw a handful of gorgeous fishing holes including Three Ladders and The Beach.  I happened to find some buried treaure as well…Jacob’s cell phone which had been missing for a few days.  Our tour guide and his family were thrilled.

We then headed over to Wines of the San Juan.  It was the day before Labor Day, late afternoon, and the place was hopping.  Or at least much more busy than I expected for a remote winery.  Set amongst the cottonwoods, there were a few buildings and a courtyard for people to sit while they listened to the band and sipped wine.   Behind the buildings there is a small pond with ducks and geese and some pens with an emu, turkeys, peacocks, and chickens.  Attached to the cottonwoods were tree and tire swings.  Who’d have thought?

Some of Jacob’s family came over and we all sat together and traded stories of how everyone knows everyone.  They were all so nice and invited us for dinner.  We headed back to the house and enjoyed dinner with family and friends in the yard as the sun set.

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping at Majestic Enchantment and visiting with the Renaissance Man, Jacob.  A true modern agrarian.  Whether he is hacking riverbrush in aviators and crocs, dealing art with a Native American medicine man, taking out of towners on a fly fishing expedition, or volunteering to pour wine over at the vineyard (I recommend the Girls Are Meaner (Gewürztraminer)), his stories will keep you interested in his way of life and his passion and enthusiasm will make you feel welcome.

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